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Praktiškai dokumentika apie Natalija Gros ir laipiojimą viskuo t.y. akmenim, pastatais, tiltais – žodžiu WATCH IT!

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Fainas filmukas, kuriame Adam Ondra pralipa Blackbarri 8B


Aš jau sukau mintį, kad kalsiu post’ą apie treniravimasi, bet landžiodamas po interneto platybes radau štai ką. KLIMB SOFTWARE(kas nežino software reiškia nemokama). Esmė tokia, kad iš idėjos bičiukas parašė programą kurioj gali vesti savo treniruotes ir ten skaičiuoja ir rodo ar darai progresą ar ne ar kažkaip pan. labai daug pats nesigilinau, bet manau for fun visi turi pabandyt;D
Spausk čia jei nori KLIMB SOFTWARE!
Štai ka gali ši programa;DD

Two 7C+ by Alizee Dufraisse

Mergina pramušė savo pirmąsias 7C+ Bishop regione USA. Ji yra laimėjus paskutinėse Arco Rockmaster Boulder 2009 varžybas. Stipri ji..:))
Jos interviu:

“I started climbing with my father in many outside areas like “Gorges du verdon”, “Chateauvert”, “Rodellar”, “Ceuse” since I was 7 or 8 and every week end in crags around our home. I was just climbing to forget all the bad week I had in school 😉 Then one day when I was 13 or 14 I decided to train to be better on rocks and so on…train for comps.

Alizee Dufraisse

No training program for the moment, just climb. Maybe half of the week inside in Aix with Paulo Dewilde who helps me a lot and then half outside on rocks and a lot of trips too. But climbing and having fun is the only way for me which brings good results.

Between 2003 and 2007 I was a pole vaulter 🙂 I was sick by bad people and bad energy around me in limbing. So I did pole vault and good results on that but last year I just missed climbing. Now I m so happy to do it again and I’m meeting people really nice who love climbing and make me feel good.

I was the french champion in 2008 with 4m35 but missed the Olympic games for nothing… But now I find it quite boring compared to climbing, always closed in a stadium and all that…

My best experience in 2009 is for sure the 8c I did in Ceuse “Dure
limite”. It was just a dream, in such a beautiful place and a great battle to do that! And then, all went easily, in comps and outside. Now my good results in comps are also nice, but it is not the same thing…

For the autumn, I’ll go to Ceuse to try my project “L’arcademicien”, 8c, then maybe Les Gorges du Loup. In October, Spain with all the Petzl
team and maybe Kalymnos. They are also the 3 last world cups where I
plan to do my best. And for the next year I want to climb a lot outside, maybe do and 8c+. For the comp I just love to be in the top of the podium so…I’ll see what will happen! But I’ll train and fight
for it.”